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With our voucher HoTTeles, you can choose from over 300 hotels. These are the hotels that currently participate in our voucher promotion:


     - Hotels in Spain

     - Hotels in Andorra

     - Hotels in Portugal


- The vouchers are redeemable on any date of your choice, depending on hotel occupancy rate and agreement.


- They do not expire and can be used on consecutive or separate dates.

- These vouchers are issued to the bearer.

- Therefore, they can allow you or any of your loved ones to enjoy free hotel stays. Condition: You must purchase One breakfast and one dinner; alternatively you can exchange them for a direct discount on the price.

-  The hotels should be contacted directly to make a booking.


If you have any questions, please contact us directly through the following contact methods: eMail: info@hotteles.net

You can also contact us using the form below:


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The vouchers never expire. You can use them when and how you wish, either on consecutive or separate dates. They can also be given to others as gift vouchers, as they are to be used by the bearer only. Remember that they valid for 2-people's stays.


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